About Sea Glass Fames

Welcome to Sea Glass Frames, here you will see a sneak peek into the life of a Maine woman.  I was raised in Portland and I Iive here still.  Here in Maine we are resilient, patient and inventive. My artwork has always been very tactile no matter what the medium I find the end result I most prefer is soft, smooth and relaxing to look at. 

Sea Glass Frames are inspired by my days growing up on Casco Bay, which is located on the southern coast of Maine.  When I met my husband who is a local lobsterman he has only helped fuel my artistic dreams.  We are the quintessential Maine couple our young daughters Pearl and Cora.  And of course we have a fish, its a goldfish named "water".  

 Each frame is a one-of-a-kind piece, made with sea glass and pieces of drift wood that I pick up from local beaches such as, Back Cove, Fort Williams State Park, Willard Beach, South Portland, Scarborough and Crescent Beach.  I am also lucky to get some sea glass from friends, and friends of friends that travel and give their finds to me because they know I can use it in my little frames.

 I hope you find pleasure looking at these whimsical ocean scenes as they may remind you of your favorite summer day.  

Amanda Pray


Amanda Pray - Sea Glass Frames